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Target Audience

  • Companies that want to improve the performance of their executives, and give them the tools required to effectively lead teams

    • Managers

    • Heads of business

    • C-level executives

  • Individuals seeking to perform better, in a new position and unsure how to manage, or just need someone to “spar” with

  • Outplacement candidates


A typical engagement goes through the following process steps:

  • Initial intake session to understand and come to agreement on objectives, tailor the approach

  • A predetermined number of 1:1 sessions per month via phone, Skype, WebEx or in person

  • Hogan or Social Styles Assessment and debrief (psychometric tools)

  • Stakeholder interviews if appropriate and requested by manager or by you

  • Access to a very senior sparring partner who can act as a sounding board, help with strategy and goal setting, co-create an action plan and can keep you on target

  • Communication skills training (presentation skills, listening skills, feedback training and tools on how to influence and make an impact on others around you)

  • Tools to help you gain clarity, confidence and achieve results

  • Help in answering THE 3 big career questions necessary to move forward

  • Work on soft skills, leadership development or how to leverage your team’s competencies

  • On-Demand coaching sessions before big events and/or meetings

  • Reading and other resources to support your growth and development

  • Access to large network willing to help if needed (see my LinkedIn profile)

  • Unlimited access via email/text during engagement with at least 15-hour turnaround

  • Final session with stakeholders to review performance progress (optional and only if requested by manager)


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