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Target Audience

 Individuals, corporations or institutions looking to enhance their leadership position.


As experienced business professionals we’ve had the pleasure of working with hundreds of people at the HiPo, Manager, Director, and Senior/Executive Director levels. We’ve worked extensively to help them and their peers maximize their success.

We can work with individuals to enhance their leadership in various positions. We can also work with corporations to design bespoke programs to either coach or determine who should go into new leadership roles or help those in need of coaching due to poor performance ratings or those struggling for other reasons.

Tailored Focus

  • Pre-determined amount of sessions per month via face to face, phone, Skype or Webex

  • Hogan Assessment and debrief

  • Stakeholder interviews if appropriate

  • The ability to be “your sounding board” if needed

  • Communication Strategy and Planning

  • Tools to help you gain clarity, action plan, and achieve results

  • Emergency coaching sessions before big events, speeches, and important meetings

  • A strong network (see my LinkedIn profile)

  • The ability to provide you with suggestions about books, classes etc. that can help your success

  • The ability to design bespoke leadership programs for your organization that can catapult your team in a new direction


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