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"Lisa has an uncanny intuitive sixth sense in asking the right questions, a key coaching skill, and adept in knowing how to act on the information."





Vertical Leap was founded in 2014 by Lisa Piguet, offering Executive and Career Coaching, Leadership Development, and Talent Assessment where her services are customized for individuals and groups in corporate and academic environments.

Following a 20+ year career in the Silicon Valley and Europe, across a spectrum of industries such as; Executive search (De Weck & Partners), Education (IMD, Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne, EPFL, University of St Gallen), High tech (Logitech, Software Publishing), FMCG (Coors)

A BSc degree in Psychology with extensive post graduate work in Business Administration, Lisa has a strong overlay of coaching credentials, certifications and trainings completed in the US and Europe. She is an ICF Certified Coach , and well versed in psychometric and EQ/IQ assessment tools such as Hogan (HPI, HDS, MVPI) MBTI, NEO, Social Styles and LIFO.

At Vertical Leap, Lisa’s clients are forward thinking companies who realize that seasoned executives, mid managers, potentials to new hires, realize people are their greatest asset and investing and equipping them with professional development creating brand ambassadors.

Known for her intuitive skills, her forte is being able to identify the “gap” and finding the “fit” and the “need” to catapult people to the next level. In working with clients, Vertical Leap does not offer cookie-cutter  programs but instead following an initial needs assessment a bespoke tailored program is designed that could include: coaching, either executive or career, assessments with follow up analysis, critical leadership skills, intercultural communication, soft skill training that fits the profile, budget and timeline.

Lisa PigueT

Throughout the course of her career she has traveled to 40+ countries for speaking engagements, interviews, to deliver workshops and to meet clients. She has designed and delivered programs on business modeling, storytelling, networking, body language, interview training, mentoring, networking, CV and CL writing.

Some of Lisa’s more memorable are a 3 day workshop : “Leading with Confidence for Young Women” (Co-designed at St. Gallen), “Dressing for Success” and “Business Modeling”. She has been interviewed by several publications including Business Week and the Financial Times. One of Lisa’s previous Directors at IMD would tell you,



The key to coaching is not only asking the right questions but knowing what to do with the information.  Lisa knows instinctively how to ask the right questions and then move forward with the information. She has the natural ability to recognize ‘fit’ and ‘gaps’ in a variety of contexts. Due to her background and education she can quickly get a ‘read’ on people then use this information to formulate an action plan, which is key to moving people to the next level.

Lisa truly believes that by using intuition in coaching you can reach powerful outcomes. In fact, Albert Einstein once said that it is our most valuable asset, and one of our most unused senses. He described it as “a feeling for the order lying behind the appearance of something.” Sometimes it is referred to as gut feeling, sixth sense, innate wisdom, inner sense, instinct, inner voice, or spiritual guide.

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