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Target Audience

Corporations, individuals and organizations


The world is changing very fast, which puts organizations in strong demand to attract new people and retain the best possible talent they currently have. The need to be able to assess ‘fit’ when hiring is critical, given the cost of recruiting new hires. Developing individuals ‘in house’ is also something that can save the company a lot of money. Therefore, talent assessment allows organizations to make confident, data driven hiring decisions that can help predict long term success. 
In addition to hiring, talent assessment can help organizations build in house talent, by determining strengths and weaknesses of the current group of employees, hence contributing to the bottom line. 
We use Hogan Assessments, a leading-edge tool used by top corporations world-wide to make hiring decisions and assess in house talent. This tool delivers compelling, predictable results in recruitment and talent management.

Leadership, talent and recruitment solutions

  • Measurement of motives, selection, career pathing, individual assessment, development planning, coaching, promotion, succession planning, team functioning, and selection of safety-sensitive jobs

  • Leadership profiling

  • Team building

  • Development solutions

  • High potential identification


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